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smiling one month old kid :)
that's our kid, inside that black spot

happy dad

happy mom
Here's our first family picture and after 5 years the gift from God is finally here. This is from our medical check up at Medical City this afternoon and we got so busy doing our first task for this new addition to our family. The lil kid is one month old and saw the little flickering heartbeat and pointed by the doctor to determine where to look on that black and white monitor. We finally confirmed it with this procedure and we followed all advices from the doctor and later on bought some folic acid tablets as it was prescribed by the doctor.

Okay thats the big revelation today.and I'm now excited to see him/her on June 26, 2010 (estimated due). yay!!! I can see now my self in the future that I play Darth Vader and my lil Jedi playing in the backyard hahahaa
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