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Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rockermain
After visiting 2 malls yesterday we landed here in Babyland in Rockwell Powerplant Mall and we spotted this baby gear, its the Fisher Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker, its a convertible mini bed, cradle and rocking chair. It is built for new born and toddlers, I bought it immediately after trying it out with Baby Ash and it looks really cute. For a price of Php 5,599 pesos, I will enjoy now the less sleepless nights because the rocker is powered by a vibrating mechanism that is under it and it soothes the baby and give them a good nice sleep, it acts also as cradling the baby when you want to them into sleep and avoid lifting them up and carry them, sometimes I fell asleep while carrying them in bed and it is very dangerous to have that again.

I place the rocker in bed if ever I want Baby Ash to sleep besides me, and then sometimes I transfer him back to his own crib, but whenever he got disturbed and woke up, and started to cry, I put him back to the rocker and let him sleep there for awhile. I also discovered that non stop crying means that he is hungry.

The rocker is bit expensive, and I said yes to my wife to buy it using my blog earnings hehehee.
But its okay, the rocker will stay until Ash is a toddler.

more pics below

more details of the product here




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