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And here's a closer look on Ashton at the nursery, Lace's mom visited us in the morning and we decided to check out the baby at the viewing room at 11am. I didn't expected that all people were there, but I'm glad Lace got a nice place and view where no people are in standby. We saw Ashton sleeping and showing some funny face gestures and we laugh as how he acquires our face, they say Ashton got my nose and eyes, and many thought that he is Chinese, and maputi daw kasi, and he got Lace's lips and cheeks.

I took a lot of photos and video of Ashton and it's his first photo session with me hehehe, I'm now excited to do more photo session and baby photo portfolio are coming up and wanna make all my parents tempted to go visit here in the Philippines. Minutes later my mom called me on the phone and she just heard Ashton's crying while we watch the video, I uploaded some pics and video to her via email and also to Joni, Lace's sis in Melbourne, so that they can see Ashton, but they will join us here in the couple of weeks.

The sleepless night started last night and all I can say that me and Lace haven't got any decent sleep, because she needs to breast feed Ashton every 2 hours and I always accompany Lace in a wheel chair going to the next side of the building in the nursery. I think we have 3 visits last night and it was the taste of an upcoming sleepless night at home.

The doctor went here awhile ago and they informed the status of the baby, I am very quiet and nervous that they might give bad news and I'm glad that our baby is fine and healthy, although he is on 44 lbs, but the doctor said that it is fine and okay and we can take home Ashton starting tomorrow. Then I went to the medical records and fixed that birth certificate and the register girl told me that the docu can be picked up in a month in Pasig City Hall or after 6 months in NSO. Then I went down to the billing department and got a partial estimate on how much are we going to pay for Medical City. Tomorrow will be another busy day for us here, we will prepare to fix our things and start to move out and go home. Ashton was supposed to join us here in the room but I refuse to bring him here due to I have colds and cough and I don't him to catch it and it is very sensitive to him to catch flu at a 2 day old age.

I'm starting to recover fast, I went out in North Park, ate this big Nanking beef noodles, all yummy and hot and take some medicines, and after a few hours my chills are starting to be lessen. I'm excited and don't want to be quarantine at home and I want to play with Ashton in no time :)

Will upload more pics soon, as the mother is very strict and told me not to post his son's pic in my blog hahahaha. Thanks to The Medical City for the flowers and fruits..and thanks to Geiser Maclang Inc. for this awesome flower set, I never noticed it in the first place and I think it was delivered while I was sleeping. Thanks to all people who sends their non stop greetings and welcome to our new family. Expect the best from us and yes.. Im so excited na talaga.

on a funny note: I was about to meet Manny Pacquiao on Sunday and Monday, but he got hospitalized and our meet up was canceled, I just got this funny and crazy idea to invite him as one of the God Father of my son ahahahaha. no harm in trying :)


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