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hey! look who dropped by last night! hahaha. our friends from the blogosphere. Jonel, Cathie, fppjr, and Jeff were here around 10:30pm, they just came from a food event, and wow! they brought lots of food for us heheh the Angel's Pizza is yummy, weird but so tasty and yummy, might visit that in Home Depot Ortigas soon. They hang out here and watched the edited videos of Ashton and it was like a movie premiere ahahaha. Early on that evening, the First Avenger, the First Ninong Joriben visited us at around 9:00pm and he too watched the edited video, it was great to see them here. Also on our 1st day here in The Medical City,Sire, Mabelle, Leira, Sai and Ness of Medical City visited and they too watched the video that was freshly shot in the delivery suite.

I got txt messages and asking details on how and what time to visit us, we like to accommodate everyone,but we are going home anytime this afternoon, try to catch us up after lunch.

Thanks everyone for coming :) and also thanks for visiting and reading my blog
parang ganun na din at nag visit na din kayo


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