You Are Here: Home - ashton coladilla , baby blog , lace llanora , the medical city - Me, Lace and Baby Ashton delivery in The Medical City updates #3 "the mom is here!"

I took this pic using the webcam of Lace's Acer laptop and since that all of my data cable and card reader are at home.. I managed to use the webcam as a still camera. Lace doesn't want yet her pic to be uploaded because she said that her look is terrible, She's here with us inside the room, having a lot of rest and the moment she lie down is that she looks for food to eat and she's hungry. I'm glad that the food ration is here and she ate all of it, plus the choco fudge cake.

Nurses came in and they fix her properly on bed and applied some ice packs on her tummy and private parts as it was swollen and recovering, I saw blood under the sheets and I got dizzy and weak , you see that I have some phobias in hospitals, but I tired to be brave and help her aunt to assist Lace.

We're waiting til 10pm and she's going to give her first breast feed to Baby Ashton, the milk of moms are very important and it contains a special formula to keep them healthy. Tomorrow will be day 2 of our stay here, I'm excited to go home now and start a new life again..with me, Lace and baby Ashton.


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