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I'm not feeling well today, and since Saturday I'm already fighting this flu and colds and the night of Sunday made me feel very sick and slept early in the evening, taking some medicines and canceled all of my internet work and blogging stuff. Lace woke me up in my middle of sleep, I'm so high and weak to stand up and I think that was around 9pm or 10pm, she told me that there's blood already coming out and she might be ready to be in labor anytime, I just told her to be ready and inform everyone the plan, I'm weak and sick that night and hoping that the deliver wont push through as I need to recover.

Then at 4:30am, Lace's water broke down and her mom woke me up and inform me that Lace is ready to give birth. I got my reserved energy and woke up. I check on Lace and she's on bed and told me that it is time.

Everyone started to move and pack our things, we drove to The Medical City from Cavite and arrived at 5:30am. We are relaxed and calm as Lace haven't felt any weird contractions. But after arrival in the pre labor room, the doctor said that she needs to be admitted quickly and be ready for the big day.

It is my first time to be a dad, and also sign all those forms at the admission office. We are required to place a 20k pesos initial payment and I decided to take the 3.3k per day Superior room, i took it because it has TV, telephone and refrigerator, I like the one room with internet connection but it is too pricey for me, thats around 6k per day.

Funny that we left all our valid IDs at home and I just told the admission lady that we panic and forgot to bring it, I'm glad that they accommodated us and happy that everything will be okay. We are now here in the room waiting for the announcement, I'm ready and will try to shoot the delivery with this Sony HDR-XR550, and it was a review unit that I'll use for shooting videos of Lace and the baby on their first week. I got my DLSR, but I forgot to bring the memory card

I brought Lace's laptop, as you know that my laptop is broken, I like to bring the Mac Book Pro review unit,but I might encounter some problems loading and using this internet stick. I'm using the Globe sim in my Tattoo internet stick, I bought a new sim in a store here because my old tattoo sim seems not to work properly, but I still can surf it for free without and load, but I'm honest and want to pay the internet with Globe. I used the SuperSurf50 and send to 8888 unlimited one day internet surfing and it works properly, the only problem is that the new sim I bought loads only GPRS and not the HSDPA. But it's okay, I can still surf and check email and update everyone of the blogger baby :)

more updates soon and let's pray for a safe delivery.


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